The Best dentist insurance

The Best dentist insurance The costs of cleaning, descaling, applying fluoride and sealing wells are not assumed by the Regie for children under 10 years of age.

The Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social The Best dentist insurance Solidarity determines the conditions of entitlement to services covered.w window.

Dental Helps

endodontics (including root canal and apexification before the age of 13, pulpectomy, pulpotomy, emergency opening of the pulp chamber and sedative dressings). It should be noted that pulpectomy and pulpotomy are covered for primary teeth. For permanent teeth, pulpotomy is covered only under general anesthesia;

In addition to other services, the cover includes, every 8 years, a lower prosthesis and a superior acrylic prosthesis. The Régie also country:

In case of emergency only, the following services may be provided in a hospital setting:

Several dentists participate in the health insurance plan, which is, they accept the health insurance card. Thus, people who have benefited from covered services have nothing to pay. The Régie pays these dentists for the services they provide.