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full coverage dental insurance cost be mean for  subscribers and people viewing it so the  amount of times you view it and stuff like that helps me out and if you like  it that all help me out so thank you very much and I hope you guys have a explain the benefits of nutrition and  horse dentistry thanks to high gain and the air full coverage dental insurance cost Kwan Dental Association of Australia I’m going to explain the importance of


best dental insurance for the geriatric or aged horse most horses have pairs of teeth or molars that do the majority of the crushing of the feed before they swallow  it but as horse ages these facebook.com teeth also wear and the ability to convert long fibers into short fibers or whole grains into crushed grains before swallowing is   diminished here we have a young horse here’s only and you can see

these white lines their enamel ridges which are actually used to either crush the whole grains or convert long fibers into  short fibers as horses get older the grinding surface changes and we often get a thing called cupped crown and that’s where the grinding surface of the molar becomes quite smoothed out and loses its ability to convert the long  fibers into

short fibers full coverage dental insurance cost this particular mare lost a molar when she was in her late teens early s which we removed then the pr that also fell out so she instead of having pairs of teeth she had pairs then ten pairs horses teeth  need to be in pairs so it’s like Torvill and Dean or far laughing Jimmy Park one  without the other isn’t much use so her ability to eat hay was severely  diminished

she was quitting hey that’s where they chew the hay and spit it out  in a ball and she’s, therefore, getting none of that nutrition she could eat chaff and she could eat crushed grains  or pellets so this horse was fat when she was eating pellets and chaff or crushed grains and chaff but you’re struggling to eat hay which is a very  cost effective way of feeding fiber especially

when there isn’t good fiber available such as wintertime or in the summer some old horses with really poor teeth  suffer complete mechanical failure this horse actually lost most of his teeth he had no pairs of teeth when I first got to see this horse in his lates the people that were trying to save this  horse were feeding him loosen hay instead of eating like a normal

horse he chopped best dental insurance the food or chew the food as we would he couldn’t literally move his jaw one against the other they tried feeding him whole oats he’d  stand there and chew the oats and make a lot of mess with saliva and drop a lot of feed that’s also an indicator that your horse has poor teeth he’d swallow that mush or try to mush it hours later he does it dropping and the  dropping was full of whole oats the  full coverage dental insurance cost cockatoos ‘uncle ours were fat this horse was skinny so he was wasting his time and the