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He ameritas dental provider is very important you’ve seen how much staining and tartar the patient has God they’re important that you’ve really polished the base and ameritas dental provider we could have done a little bit better here and have the base a little bit more in.

ameritas dental provider
ameritas dental provider

The shape of an ovoid Pontiac four weeks after the operation you see the situation absolutely perfect gum looks good thick attached vagina no information or perfect so we can fix then the permanent denture this denture is made of just normal PUMA .

  • Teeth PUMA vaginal part and the framework is that Peck pulley to kitten kitten so a very tough composite and see there’s a small gap between the tissue and.
  • The denture this maybe will widen maybe we close either way when we take off the Tench and .
  • A half year for cleaning we can easily refit the base and even polish it again so patient been very happy fixed teeth after approximately years bearing .
  • A denture and the patient is not true to all the years old so he can imagine how pleased he was with with .

That result finally having fixed teeth again and just took him one day so thank you all for listening I hope I didn’t bore you too much sorry for the hay fever and I hope to see you all soon thank you very much for listening all right we are live hey hey hey this is Jasmine – found there beyond the Prof and I am here with two amazing educators one from .

Wisconsin one of my favorite states to visit and the other from Detroit welcome Lisa bar and Maria process to be here I’m excited to have you here you know I am so stoked about this conference we’re having a conference exclusively for dental hygiene educators ,

This is a long time coming this is something that I’ve kind of sat on for the last three three years and kind of thought about it and started planning it out and never really came to fruition and was it ready to hit that Start button and then I had a chance conversation with dr. joy Boyd Holmes.